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Browning Rifle

Browning Rifle

About this item:

Browning X-Bolt 300 Win Mag, "Hell's Canyon" model, speed TD-X 26"


Specifications can be found here:


***Before you Bid!!***

Anyone placing a ticket towards this item agrees to and understands the following requirements:

1)  This rifle MUST be owned by and registered to a current, minimum of 3 months as an FGC employee.  Absolutely NO gifting to anyone or ownership by anyone else.

2)  Winner of this rifle MUST have a valid Washington State gun safety registration and/or all legal requirements held by law to possess this firearm.  No ifs, ands, or butts about it.

3)  This item is non transferable.  You will need to register this item directly through Ranch and Home - it will be in YOUR employee name.

4)  FGC reserves the right to refuse the gifting of this item at its discretion.  Anyone who does not meet the criteria for gun ownership by FGC standards and/or WA State and/or Federal Law, shall be disqualified and FGC will award prize to the next drawn winner.

5)  Safety first.  Seriously.  The winner needs to confirm they meet and satisfy all legal and required criteria to own this firearm.

6)  If you do not meet ANY of the above listed requirements, don't waste your ticket by bidding on this item!



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