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Regardless of your project type or complexity, trust the experts at Fowler
to deliver your project to success.  We offer a variety of contracting services including Preconstruction Planning, Design-Build, 
Construction Management, BIM/VDC, and Nuclear Field Services.

Whatever your project needs, we deliver.

Construction Plans

Preconstruction Planning Services

Through proactive and collaborative planning, Fowler's presconstruction team provides creative solutions to minimize project challenges long before construction begins.  Our team of experts will provide a well-defined project scope, schedule, and budget that will drive your project's success.

Architectural Modelling


The design-build method is an unmatched process of innovative ideas and best-value solutions between the designer, contractor, and owner.  This unified team works together to deliver projects faster, better, and for optimum cost.  Fowler partners with some of the best resources in the industry, ensuring superior results, no matter what the project type.


Construction Management

Construction management is a project delivery system in our toolbox in which we facilitate both the design and construction by organizing people, materials, and equipment.  Rest assured, Fowler will lead every aspect of your project - from well before groundbreaking until long after the ribbon-cutting.

BIM Process 1.png

BIM/VDC Capabilities

Fowler’s team of experts has developed and implemented a BIM and VDC plan for our partners and team members to work collaboratively, systematically find solutions, and determine critical points in the project to allow for successful execution of project delivery.  


Nuclear Field Services

What Our Customers Say

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